Our Services

EnExT Consultants is a SEO Company, also known as Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the idea of getting your site ranked in the organic section of Google's search engine. 

We decided to focus solely on SEO because we feel it is the better way to promote your site on Google. We live in a time where people are becoming less receptive to any form of advertising and more inclined to be in charge. Ranking on page 1 in the organic section gives them the feeling of freedom in which they are choosing amongst the best based on their needs, versus being sold to in the ad section.

All of our SEO work is done with white hat techniques and with a long term perspective. We want to make sure you rank at the top as fast as possible, but more importantly as safe as possible. We want your site to stay at the top for the long term so your business can continue to grow for years to come.

Local, National, and International SEO

We will review your business and your goals to determine which type of SEO makes the most sense to go after. Each type requires a little variation in technique and strategy, but we will never stray away from our core values of building your marketing channel with long term trust in mind. Click here to fill out our discovery form now, so we can get started on shooting your site to the top of Google! We have a free SEO audit tool and a very generous SEO referral program in case you know anybody who needs our services!