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But First, Our Journey To Being Named The #1 SEO Experts in NYC

Martin & Mark Paljusevic
Co-Founders, EnExT Consultants


  • Founded in January 2016
  • Rose to #1 in one year with bootstrapped budget
  • College graduates turned successful internet entrepreneurs

Our 3 Step Process To Bring You Years of Free Traffic

  1. We analyze your site compared to your top 3 competitors

  2. We develop and implement a game plan to beat out those competitors

  3. We ensure no bad SEO is done to your site so you remain at the top for the next 5+ years

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Professional, quick, and affordable

We hired EnExT Consultants to build us a simple website. We wanted it to be easy to navigate and we wanted it to look great on a phone. It does everything we need it to do, they completed the site very quickly and at an affordable price. Highly recommended!

Pleasure to work with

They took the time to understand our wants and needs and delivered exactly what we wanted from them. We just wanted the site but they also did basic SEO, and somehow we’re on page 6 for a profitable search in our area! Looking forward to hiring them to get us to page 1!


If your company is looking for more business in the Detroit area, or anywhere in Michigan, then you're at the perfect place. Our Detroit SEO company specializes in bringing more customers to your business and dominating your competition in Google, no matter what area of work you are in.Detroit SEO

We are a company who is highly committed to our research and development. Google is constantly changing their algorithms and we spend all our energy making sure we are up to date with these changes, so we can stay ahead of the curve so you can benefit from it. Not only can we get your site to the top of Google, we can also get your web properties like your Yelp and Facebook page on the 1st page as well.

Unfortunately for business owners like yourself, most SEO companies have no clue what they're doing, and most times only hurt the presence of your site in the search engines by doing poor SEO, or even worse by using black hat techniques. We use white hat techniques to earn Google's trust, and we know what we're doing. If we didn't you wouldn't have found us.

Here's How It Works:

If you already have a website, we will analyze it for you to make sure there are no problems or penalties from any prior SEO work that was done to your site with or without you knowing. We will identify the problems and penalties and make any necessary changes on your pages to make sure that the website for your business is fully optimized.

If you do not have a website, we can build you a simple website with our web design skills. We build this site ourselves. If for some reason you need a much more complex website, we will recommend you to the best Website Design company there is.

Then we will make sure you at least have the basics of social media setup as a method to build power and trust for your site. We will also make sure you are verified in Google My Business so you can show up in the maps also.

Next would be to build you citations. Our Detroit SEO agency knows exactly the type of citations to send to your website. We find high domain authority and relevant citations to ensure we build the proper foundation and trust with Google.Michigan SEO

What’s Next?

At this point, we already implemented what most SEO companies don't even know how to do for themselves, never mind for their clients. With that, we typically have strong strangled hold on the competition thanks to our deep expertise of proper setup with search engine optimization, both on a page and off a page.

The way we operate, you will naturally rank well in the organic listings, but you will also rank well in the 7 pack, or maps listings. We don't do any PPC (paid advertising) because we chose to make sure all our energy was spent on specializing in search engine optimization. And most studies show that return from quality SEO work is way better than any form of advertising, because essentially we're building you an asset that will deliver you free clicks for years to come.

Imagine if when someone searches "your service, Detroit" or "your service Michigan" and they not only find your website on page 1, but they find your Google My Business, your YouTube video, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any citations, like Yelp, that we have done for you, all on the 1st or 2nd page. There are no promises with this, but we know how to do it, we've done it before, and we can do it again.



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