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Most SEO companies do not care about your business.

If you have any experience working with SEO companies, we're confident you've noticed that company cares more about their business than yours. When in reality, an SEO company is in the service business which means our job is to serve you. Unfortunately, a lot of companies lose sight of that.

After evaluating our application below you will quickly notice the difference. We ask you questions to get a better understanding of your company. We can't help you get what you want, if we don't understand you, your company, or what you want.

Although we are in the business of serving you, we are picky with who we choose to work with. We can not work with clients who have unrealistic expectations or a desire to treat us as their employees. We are forming a partnership here, one where we deliver you consistent ultra targeted leads and you use those leads to grow your business.

If you have any questions before filling out the application in its entirety, please don't hesitate to contact us now.

Fill out the application below and let's go out and grow your business! Of course, you are free to take your chance on someone else.

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What separates EnExT Consultants from the competition?

  1. We invest in our education. The idea of SEO and getting businesses websites ranked on the 1st page of Google is no simple task. In a constantly changing world, Google is no different, it's constantly changing and those who don't anticipate the changes shoot themselves in the foot.
  2. We network with the best of the best. We are a part of masterminds with some of the most successful SEOs in the world. This puts EnExT Consultants at an advantage because in the rare case that we are stuck, we are only a message away from the best advice around.
  3. We are a high integrity and transparent organization. The reason EnExT Consultants got attracted to becoming an SEO expert, is because we became entrepreneurs with the idea of being able to provide massive value for others. And we couldn't find a more valuable skill than helping businesses get more visitors and customers. So we take this very seriously and focus a lot of energy in deserving the trust of our clients.

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Why do you need a Hudson Valley SEO expert?

99% of businesses are marketing like it's 20 years ago. That's a huge issue. But, it does leave some people at an advantage. The ones willing to market like the year we live in, are the ones who will always win. Sounds like a simple concept right, marketing like the year you live in? But the truth is most people don't do it.

So let's dive into what it looks like to market like the year you live in. The first question to ask, is how are most businesses marketing? Most businesses are doing tv ads, radio or magazine ads, direct mail. Let's dissect why that's a terrible idea. In the world we live in today, most people don't sit through commercials. They either pre-record the show and skip through the commercials or when the commercials come on they're checking their cell phones. Radio is just as bad, as there's nothing more annoying than radio commercials. For direct mail, most people check their mail standing over their garbage, so the chances of them caring about a business offering them their service are slim to none.

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There are some people who are a little more up to date. Businesses are starting to implement email marketing, which is good, but they're doing it too late and it should just be a piece, not the main strategy. You know when email marketing was the best? 10 years ago, when people would check every single one of their emails. But today, people skip through their emails faster and faster every day.

The root of the problem is everyone is following marketing strategies that force you to interrupt the viewer's attention. But people value their time more than ever. The key is to get them to find you and want to focus their attention on you. That's why marketing on Google is probably the most powerful marketing strategy today. Google AdWords not really, but Google's organic search results. People skip over the ads because they feel like their getting sold something they don't want. More often, they click the top organic search result. So that's what SEO is, getting ranked organically at the top of Google. Click here to see what we can do for your business. So you can see why we consider ourselves an SEO expert to help you dominate Google for your niche!

So if you want to get on the first page of Google and make sure you're not losing money to your competitors, then fill out our discovery form today!

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