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You're looking for a Buffalo NY SEO company, and we can help. We are EnExT Consultants and we specialize in helping businesses from all over, get ranked on the 1st page of Google. We provide cutting edge tactics, as we are always staying up to date with Google's constant changes. We do this by being apart of mastermind groups with the best seo's in the world.

We are located in Rockland County NY, so even though you came looking for a Buffalo NY SEO company, we can still help you. I'm sure you're aware of how crucial SEO can be for your business, but in case you're not, I want to dive deeper to help you realize.

We live in a brand new world, one completely different than 20 years ago. We both know that. So the question to ask is why do so many businesses market their business like it's 20 years ago. Newspaper ads, tv ads, radio ads. Yes, these strategies to work to an extent, especially if you're marketing is above par. But let's really look at why these strategies don't work like they used to. These typical marketing strategies force you to attempt to interrupt your prospects attention, and to get them to pay attention to you. But we've become spoiled with advances in technology. The consumers hold all the power, and they control where their attention is. Most people either skip through commercials on tv because they pre recorded what they want to watch, or they ignore the commercials entirely and look at their cell phones during them. Magazine ads, banner ads, direct mail; we've become almost completely immune to these marketing strategies.

So what does it mean to market like the year we live in?

At the end of the day, you need people's attention, so the best way to get it is for them to look for you. That's where the power of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, comes in. Everyday, more and more people are going to Google for their problems. They want a local chiropractor, surgeon, or any problem for that matter, they look for the answer on Google.

buffalo ny seo company

So the idea that's raking in millions for businesses just like yours, is when people search for your niche, they find you. When you hire the right SEO company, this idea quickly becomes a reality.

"If you're not using proper SEO, then you're never landing on the 1st page of Google and you're potentially losing millions of dollars to your competition!"

At EnExT Consultants, not only are we among the best because of our humility and eagerness to constantly learn and adapt with the changes in our environment. Be we are also a high integrity and transparent organization so you can feel extremely comfortable with the work we are doing behind the scenes for you.

I hope you can appreciate that we're professionals and that's exactly how we handle our business operations. So before we can determine how to do your SEO and get you on the 1st page of Google, we need some information from you. Kind of like a good doctor won't prescribe you anything without data, a good SEO won't prescribe how to fix your SEO without data.

So if you're ready to take the next step in ranking your business on the 1st page, then follow the button below and fill out our discovery form now.