Warren Buffett’s View on Search Marketing

Did you happen to watch Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholders meeting from a few weeks ago? This was the 1st year ever that it was on a livestream and recorded. The value me and you can get from watching something like this is tremendous. Here’s the entire coverage from the meeting.

There was one topic in particular that stood out tremendously. If you fast forward to about the 1:02:30 mark, you’ll hear a gentleman ask Warren Buffett a question about a rising trend. He asked to hear about Warren’s thoughts on the trend of switching from a push marketing society to a pull marketing society. With the advances in technology and the shift of buyers behavior being able to search for what they want. Warren’s simple answer was that it was HUGE.

He also said that more and more people are becoming aware of this, as I’m sure you’re one of them. But he said a lot of us haven’t yet figured out how to capture that value and benefit from it. With that said, this shows that you are in the right place and reading the right article.

We have spent a lot of energy and will continue to do so in mastering the art of pull marketing. Let’s face it we live in a completely different world now than we did 5, 10, 20 years ago. People have more power now than they ever did. With giants like Google and Amazon, for the first time the buyer is in control. There’s not just one store they can go to there are millions. We don’t call businesses we see on tv commercials we look for them when we need them on Google.

So we started a whole firm around this idea. And the market is absolutely huge. There are thousands if not millions of companies who could use our services. There’s a great chance that your competitors can use our services. And if they hire us, they are going to be the ones receiving all that page 1 traffic and business. Think of it this way, you can have a store in the biggest city in the world, but if it’s on a side street that doesn’t get much traffic you’re going to lose a lot of business.

You need the store front on main street, where all the traffic is. That’s the power of ranking at the top of page 1 of Google. You get so much traffic that even if your sales is subpar, you’re going to get a lot of business.

I know you’re smart enough to pay¬†attention to when people like Warren Buffett speak, or you wouldn’t still be reading this. So think about what he said again, a lot of people are aware of this but they don’t know how to benefit from it. That’s why we’re here. To take care of that for you. We will help you benefit from it with our SEO services and you can stick to what you’re good at, running your business.