SEO vs Adwords – Which is Best?


Hey this video is going to be about Google adwords vs SEO, so you can get a better understanding of which makes most sense for you and your business. At the end of the day, as a business owner spending money on marketing, I’m sure you truly care about one thing: stretching your advertising dollar as far as you can. You want to spend as least money as possible while also getting the best results as possible, or the best ROI.

I would also like to very quickly touch on the power of getting found in Google. We are quickly moving from a push marketing society to a pull marketing society. Consumers have more control now than they’ve ever had. They have the freedom to pick who they follow on social media. And they have the power to search for things they want, when they want. They are quickly becoming immune to traditional advertising methods, and are more focused on doing things on their own time. For example, people ignore commercials to check their email, or they skip over commercials because they’re watching a recording of their favorite tv show or sports team.

If you’re watching this I’m also aware that you already realize this. You’re either already investing money in Google adwords or SEO, or you’ve been thinking about it.

So I want to do the best I can to help you get a better understanding of each method, so you can determine which suits your wants and needs best.

To be very clear, I run a SEO agency, so I have to be honest and say my opinion might be a little biased. But I will state the facts and try to do it in a way where I don’t sway your opinion. Also keep in mind, when we decided to start an agency, we knew we wanted to help people get found in Google. Our options were to try to do both, or to focus on one or the other. We felt focusing on one strategy would help us become experts quicker, and ultimately it would benefit our clients more. And needless to say, we chose to focus solely on SEO. The rest of the video will help you realize a little as to why we went that route, and what it means for you.

The main difference between adwords and SEO is, adwords show up in the ad section of Google’s search results, and SEO shows up in the organic listings underneath the ads. Again, both of them are powerful because your potential client or customer is already searching for you, so they’re in control, which makes them happy. And the happier they are, the better it is for you. Then it’s just up to you to prove you’re the exact people they’re looking for.

But Let’s start with Google adwords, why it works so well, and why it doesnt work so well, then we’ll do the same for SEO.

Adwords is great because it’s almost instant satisfaction. You can set up an ad, or have an agency set it up for you today, and it can be on the 1st page for a profitable search term tomorrow. Adwords show up before the organic listings so it’s literally the first thing people see when they search. Now the dark side of adwords is that you have to pay every single time someone clicks your website. Which leaves you open to becoming a victim of click fraud, where your competitors endlessly click your ads causing you to spend money on terrible clicks, and in turn causing you to become frustrated and maybe even shut down your ads altogether. Another negative is looking at the consumers perspective. I read somewhere that 80% of people skip over the ad section on the search results. I’m not sure if I believe that completely but I know for myself, that that’s exactly what I do. I also believe that people just hate being sold to, and when they see that “ad” icon, they know they’re about to be sold something.

SEO is great for some of the same reasons adwords is bad, and SEO is bad for some of the same reasons adwords is good. SEO is great because you don’t pay for each click. Someone can click your site 100 times a day and you’d spend the same amount if they clicked it once a day. And actually if they click it more it only helps your trust with Google, which means better rankings for you. It’s also good because even though it’s below the ad section, they’re still more likely to click to your site vs clicking the site with the ad. SEO is bad because you have to wait to get to the first page. It doesn’t matter who you hire as an SEO agency, you have zero shot of having your site on page 1 in a day. Most cases it takes at least 6-12 months to get up there. This can be very frustrating and this is where a lot of SEO agencies take advantage of their clients. They keep telling them to be patient, when in reality the results are never going to come because honestly, they’re not good enough at SEO.

seo vs adwords which is bestLet’s look at one specific example and what someone can expect for what they pay for. In this chart you see 5 search terms around the rhinoplasty nyc niche. I’m getting this information from Google’s keyword planner. As you can see the first column is what people are typing into Google. The second column is the amount of people per month that are searching that phrase. The 3rd column shows the SEO difficulty. This is why it’s important to hire the right agency who specializes in SEO, so they can worry about that stuff, while you worry about running your business. And the 4th column shows the suggested bid on Google adwords. Basically they get those numbers by seeing how much people are spending per click, and give a suggestion as to what it might take to outbid them.  I then just added the amount of searches per month together, and came up with the 1600 combined searches per month. Then times it by 40% because 40% of people click the first search result. Which gave me the 640, which is the amount of clicks you can expect coming to your website every month if you’re ranked #1 for all those search terms. I then added up the suggested bids and got the average of the 5 search terms and came up with the $16.04 cost per click.

Then I multiplied the 640 monthly clicks to your site by the $16.04 cost per click that you can expect to pay with Google adwords, and that gave us the $10,265 total. So basically if you ran a great adwords campaign and wanted to get 640 monthly clicks, you should expect to spend $10,265. This doesn’t factor the extra expenses of whatever the agency you hire charges you to build your campaigns or the mistakes you make along the way with a not fully optimized ad campaign. Now if you hired the right SEO agency, you shouldn’t expect to spend as much to get the same amount of traffic. You don’t have to worry about click fraud, but you do have to worry about the difficulty and the time it takes to get you to that #1 spot.

So with all the traffic you’re getting, and converting at 1% of people coming on as clients, with a high valued niche like rhinoplasty, it’s probably still worth it.

With all that said, SEO is a more patient, high risk high reward strategy. Where as adwords is a instant gratification medium risk medium reward strategy.

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I hope this video is of value to you and ultimately helps you spend less on your marketing and get a greater return on your investment when it’s all said and done.