Burned By An SEO Firm Before?

SEO might be hands down the trickiest marketing strategy to employ in your business. It also just might be the most effective.

I mean which strategy would you rather use for your business? The hey look at me method. Or the, you asked now here I am method.

I love SEO because it gives the business owner so much leverage. People are literally searching divorce lawyer in nyc, for example, and by getting your site on the 1st page, your prospective client is searching for your services and finding you.

It’s the difference between chasing clients and attracting them.

So why is it so tricky to employ?

Because SEO is freaking hard. It’s way easier to run a paid ad then to build a website that Google says, “ok, we’re going to put you on page 1.” It takes time. It requires a lot of time and energy to research exactly what it will take to get to the top. And a lot of time and energy to constantly work on the site to earn the trust of Google.

Deploying an SEO strategy is definitely a long term strategy and requires a lot of patience, from both the SEO firm and the client looking for more traffic to their site.

So with all this confusion, it becomes very easy to get manipulated and screwed by an SEO firm. So I want to share with you what to look out for when deciding who to hire to do your SEO. I’m sure you’re realizing if you want SEO done, you should hire a company who does it for a living, so we want to educate and equip you to help you hire the right firm.

How most companies get burned by SEO firms

The quick answer is the companies aren’t educated in SEO and they hire the first firm they find, and sure enough it’s the wrong company. Honestly 95%-99% of SEO firm’s are to be avoided.

As a new SEO company, we really wanted to find out how and why people get burned by SEO companies so we can help them feel safe again in hiring the right company. So we went to Google and found a great article about the 8 biggest mistakes in hiring a SEO company written by Forbes.com. We’re going to go through each mistake to equip you as best as possible.

Mistake #1) The SEO company buys backlinks. I remember when I first started experimenting with SEO over a year ago, I would buy backlinks from sites like fiverr because a lot of people teach that non sense. Thankfully I made that mistake on my own sites and not a clients. The last thing we want to do is ruin our reputation so we were fine with biting that bullet.

Mistake #2) They do SEO copywriting. Thankfully I never learned this mistake. The complexity of SEO comes from the fact that Google really only cares about one thing, their users experience. Apparently lots of companies would try to gain the system and write in ways that would trick Google into ranking their site higher. Well Google’s pretty smart, they’re always changing and obviously fixed that bug. Like one of my favorite influencers Gary Vee says, “doing the right thing is always the right thing.” And the sad truth is a lot of companies put results over the right thing. And time exposes that flaw in the companies thinking.

Mistake #3) They promise fast results. I remember when I first started building my SEO skills, I would see people trying to sell me the idea of “#1  rankings in 48 hours” and things of that nature. I was always skeptical of that, just didn’t make sense. I always assumed they used blackhat techniques that Google would eventually penalize them for. And this article proved to me that I was right. Avoid things like that at all costs. Like I said before SEO is a long term solution and you should expect at least a few months before seeing substantial results.

Mistake #4) They have “special tools.” Apparently, a lot of SEO companies use sales tactics of having some kind of secret sauce no one else knows about that causes quick and reliable rankings. Now every business has tools to make their work go smoother. But something like this is like a contractor who says they have special tools that nail in whole pieces of sheet rock with one push of the button. It’s way too extreme and if a company you’re looking to hire starts talking about special tools, ask them questions about it. If they keep circling around the answer and basically making it seem like confidential information, I’d say run away, fast.

Mistake #5) They want to lock you in. This a big reason why it’s so easy to get burned in SEO. It’s a long term strategy, so it’s easy to get tricked into a long term contract. So look for company’s that offer short term contracts. That’s why we offer month to month contracts. We want our clients to feel as comfortable as possible, and if they aren’t happy they should have the right to stop paying whenever they please.

Mistake #6) They don’t have a long history. Here’s where our weakness scratches the surface. We only opened our doors for business in January 2016, and we’ve yet to bring on our first client. So we aim to be the exception to this mistake. We’ve been studying SEO for over a year, we’ve invested thousands in our SEO education from the best SEO’s out there. We consider them the best because they practice all white hat techniques and they are able to rank #1 for competitive SEO keywords like SEO NYC, Chicago SEO, Phoenix SEO, and on and on. Not to sell our services, but to offer some of our history and successful results. We are a bootstrap company with no money to invest in quality pbn’s which are the cornerstone of ranking higher in Google. And with no budget we were able to rank #1 for Rockland County SEO, which is where we are from. #20 for NYC SEO experts, and #24 for International SEO Consultant. For a 4 month old, bootstrapped company, that’s worth bragging about.

Mistake #7) Their reference’s don’t exist. It makes a lot of sense. If a SEO company is dealing with clients they should have people who are willing to write a testimonial for them. And obviously, if they don’t do a good job, no one’s going to want to recommend them.

Mistake #8) Their practices are one size fits all. Every single niche and company is different. Forbes is suggesting that if they offer a set pricing package, they are very likely not the right company for you. This is why we strive to work individually with each potential client. We have them give us information on our discovery form, so we have enough data to give them a personalized game plan and quote for their specific business.

I really hope this helped you get a better understanding of how to hire the right SEO firm. If you’ve been burned in the past before, please let us know in the comments below, and together we’ll expose all the mediocre SEO firms out there. So companies like yourself can benefit from top notch SEO work.