3 Benefits of Google My Business & How You Should Use It

Google My business is an essential part of any businesses online marketing efforts. This article is going to go over 3 Benefits of Google my Business and how you can use it to increase your online exposure.

1. It’s Free!


Most of the time if something is going to benefit your business you would assume you’d have to come out of pocket to get that benefit. That’s not the case with Google My Business. Setting up your business listing on GMB is completely free and will make sure Google know’s that your company and website exists. Getting a listing is very simple, just go to https://www.google.com/business and click start now.


2. It’s the best Citation online:
What is a Citation? Put simply, It’s an online property that lists your company’s Name Adress and Phone Number. It’s basically A directory that tells search engines like Google the Name of your company, where your business is Located and the number your customers can call to inquire about your products and services. Google’s algorithm examines all the citations of local businesses and uses these to push your company up in its search results.

3. Puts your business on the map
Google absolutely loves citations like GMB and uses these to put your business on the map, literally. Have you ever searched Google for something like “Restaurants near me” and noticed the map of restaurants that come up? All of those restaurants are showing up in the “map pack” because they have a Google My Business Listing. Now imagine all of the exposure you’re missing if you don’t have a GMB listing.

How To use Google My Business To increase online exposure.

Optimize your listing for the keywords you want to rank for. Google’s algorithm is a machine that reads webpages and looks for certain things like Keywords. If you want to rank for Lawyers in NYC you want to make sure that you have that somewhere in your listing.

Get as many citations as possible and be consistent with your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP). A great source to get citations done for you is marketerscenter.com. The number 1 reason most companies aren’t ranking in the “Map Pack” is they have inconsistent data on their NAP. For instance; if your company is called Roman’s Pizzeria & Restaurant you want that exact name to show up on all your citations. So if you have “Romans Pizza” as the name of one of your citations and “Roman’s Pizzeria & Restaurant” on a different citation, Google get’s confused and sees that as a different business listing. The same is true for the address and phone number. Google should be your business’ best friend so don’t send it mixed signals!

If you’re a little overwhelmed with what it takes to properly optimize your GMB listings and setup citations don’t worry. That’s what we’re here for. We’ve made it our business to become experts in Google Search Engine optimization so you don’t have to!

Want us to set up and properly optimize your Google My Business listing? Contact us here and let us know!

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