EnExT Consultants is an internet based SEO company. So we have the ability to serve any client in the world, as language barriers permit.

Although we prefer to operate completely virtually so we can devote all of our time to working on our clients sites, we are human and understand some people need to be face to face to develop that trust.

Right now, we are located in Suffern, NY, approximately 45 minutes outside of NYC. So if needed we can meet with clients in the following areas:

Hudson Valley, NY
Rockland County, NY
Westchester, NY
Bergen, NJ
Jersey City, NJ
NYC, New York including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, and Long Island

Since we like to keep everything completely open and transparent, our plans for the long term is to rank for a lot of cities all across the U.S. So we already started creating landing pages to rank in multiple cities that we do not live in. We don't mind traveling and depending on where you live we might be able to create time to meet face to face. For example, so far, we've created pages for the following areas:

Buffalo, NY
Detroit, MI

We have family in the greater Detroit area that we visit very often, so that city in particular is something that is definitely realistic to meet with our clients once or twice a year.

Like we said earlier we are a global business so we can do international work in cities like Dubai as well. If you live in a non English speaking nation, as long as we find some way to communicate we can work with you as well.