About Us

EnExT Consultants is a leading internet marketing firm built to over-deliver for every client it accepts. EnExT Consultants is about being transparent with customers and getting results. They excel at delivering substantial value for their clients and promise professional services backed by results.

Our Team

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After a short successful career working IT in NYC, Martin realized that with his knowledge in computers and ability to work well with clients, that he had way more potential. Along with his younger brother Mark, who noticed after graduating college, that working for a big company wasn't enough of a challenge for him, they realized if they combine their two skills sets they can build a very successful company and make a lot of business owners happy in the process. Although, both under the age of 30, working with them is a very pleasurable experience.

They live by Charlie Munger's idea that sloth and unreliability are two sure fire paths to failure. So you can expect to work with two reliable, hard working individuals who will always be there in a timely manner to make sure their services are bringing you the results that can help you happily go to sleep every night.